Craftsy – Clean an Antique quilt

The good people over at Craftsy have put together an article on cleaning quilts… Its always great to get another perspective! You can visit their page here!    

Replicating the First Oval Office- George Washington’s Tent

In Colonial Williamsburg, the  textile conservation lab is working on conserving George Washington’s field tent from the American Revolution (for real!!).  This tent will be on display at the Museum of the Revolution when it opens. Meanwhile–Colonial Williamburg’s crew is collaborating with the Museum of the American Revolution to reproduce this priceless artifact, right down […]

AQS show- Grand Rapids

We’re so excited! Come visit us at the AQS show in Grand Rapids! We’ll be there. Come say hi to Donna and Jennifer and enjoy a wonderful show!!  

Shipshewana Quilt Festival!

We’re getting so excited for the upcoming Shipshewana Quilt Festival!  Donna will be presenting at the schoolhouse on Thursday. Be sure to check out the website and come visit if you can! The quality of quilts that will be on display is amazing, including some winners from Paducah 2013!   Visit the official website and make plans to […]

Know Your Appraiser

A Guest Post used by permission by Teddy Pruett. When you take a treasured antique quilt or a quilt you have recently completed to an appraiser,  you have the right to expect that appraiser to be ethical, fair, and knowledgeable.  The appraiser should have extensive knowledge of three hundred years of textile history, fabrics, dyes, […]

Documentation Days

Greetings everyone on a bright sunshine filled day in January! We had an excellent Quilt Documentation Day here in Elkhart County Indiana last Saturday the 19th of January. This was our 5th year for documenting Elkhart County quilts and it truly was another exciting day of quilt discovery! Although we all enjoy getting together and […]

Tyvek Fun!

Well, in the last post we looked at some of the technical aspects of Tyvek.  You might be interested in checking out the Material Concept’s blog. This particular post caught my eye as it details some of the ways Tyvek has been used at the Shelburne Museum.                 But […]

Why Use Tyvek for Quilt Storage?

Recently, someone asked me how we know that Tyvek is safe for textile storage. That led us to doing some extra research on this great material.We already know that it is an archival, breathable, water and tear resistant product that is used extensively in museums. I went looking for some more chemical evidence to explain why […]

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