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Tyvek Fun!

Well, in the last post we looked at some of the technical aspects of Tyvek.  You might be interested in checking out the Material Concept’s blog. This particular post caught my eye as it details some of the ways Tyvek has been used at the Shelburne Museum.                 But […]

Why Use Tyvek for Quilt Storage?

Recently, someone asked me how we know that Tyvek is safe for textile storage. That led us to doing some extra research on this great material.We already know that it is an archival, breathable, water and tear resistant product that is used extensively in museums. I went looking for some more chemical evidence to explain why […]

About Us

Serious Quilt Care is the result of seeing a need for information and a central place for all the necessary items for proper quilt care. We wanted to develop one place to send clients and others asking for quilt advice. Our advisors, Donna Kooistra and Lisa Erlandson, have previewed, advised, and offered guidance on deciding […]

My Goal: Cleaning an older quilt

There are generally two ways to clean a quilt- but vacuuming is the safest and most widely recommended. Vacuuming– Lay your quilt our on a large clean surface. If the quilt is very delicate, lay a fiberglass screen over it. Then gently pass a low-suction handheld vacuum with small brush attachment over the quilt. Washing  a […]

My Goal: Storing an older quilt

In addition to the advice for storing most quilts, some additional things should be taken into consideration with older quilts. Fragile quilts especially, deserve some extra care.   Do I need to wear white gloves to touch my antique quilt? While it is not necessary to wear white gloves to touch your own quilts, it […]

My Goal: Storing Everyday Quilts

Obviously, not everyone has enough room or resources to store quilts like a museum! Here are a few options to consider.   Begin by putting your quilt in a pillowcase or Tyvek bag. Make sure the pillowcase is large enough so the quilt fits. You will still need to take the quilt out to re-fold on […]

My Goal: Labeling a quilt

(This article is courtesy of Labeling Your Quilts What do you put on your label? As a minimum, your label should include the name of the quilter or quilters, name or pattern of the quilt, date finished, and the city and state or country. It is recommended that you also include your phone number […]

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