Quilt Care Essentials Kit

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Bought a quilt at an estate sale or an inherited a family treasure and unsure where to start?

With these tools and the resources found on our website, you’ll be all set!

Don’t want to invest in a large jar or bottle that maybe you’ll never completely use?

Just enough product to care for that one quilt that needs some TLC!

Giving a quilt to a loved one but worried about how they’ll take care of it?

Add this kit to your quilt gift , ensuring your hard work and labor of love are treated well.

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This great little package gives you what you need to care for ONE quilt!¬†We’ve put together a great package that includes:

  • 4 oz. of Orvus Soap (enough for several washes)
  • 4 oz of quilt litter (for removing odors and dampness)
  • Quilt Care label (to sew on the back of the quilt, giving explicit care instructions)
  • White archival quality gloves (to keep fragile and delicate quilts from the oils on your hands)
  • Safeguard soap in muslin bag (the ONLY thing we recommend for storing with our quilts–keeps odors from developing!)

Quilt professionals- If you are interested in making this product available for your clients, please check out our bulk pricing!






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