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Grow your Quilt business

by increasing your PROFITS!

We know that doing business as an appraiser or other quilt professional takes a lot of outgo to enable you to maintain your professional certification, licensing, vending, advertising, travel…… an endless list.

We want to help you make more money from each show, lecture, or appraisal day — whatever opportunity gives you one-on-one time with your client. You’ve already paid for the booth or interacted with show organizers. You’ve traveled and lugged your books and tools to an unfamiliar place with cement floors where you will stand for 10 hours a day offering your professional services to your clients.

All of that work and effort and professional persona will usually merit you a profitable day. But what if you could increase your profits with no extra work above what you’ve already done?

That’s where Serious Quilt Care comes in.

At the end of an appraisal, how many times have you advised someone how to care for their quilt? How many people have asked you  how to clean it? How to get the smell out? How to store it? Your professional knowledge provides them with the info they need to know.

But then……

How many times has a client asked you where to get the products you’ve recommended?

They are ready to purchase—YOU sell them what they need!

Your clients or class participants are convinced by your presentation. They want to “own” a piece of the feeling you have given them by honoring and valuing their art or family history. By having something to sell them at that moment, you’ve actually cemented their great impression of you, given them a purpose to fulfill at home, and put more money in your own pocket.

Everybody wins!

Reselling the quality products from Serious Quilt Care provides a great benefit to your client and you!

We make it easy for you to resell our products to your clients. Get started here!

You will be contacted to provide proof of resale before order ships.

Quilt Care Kit

Quilt Care Kit


Quilty Litter

Quilty Litter

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