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We hope to serve as a one-stop resource for quilt care information on cleaning/washing,storing, displaying, and labeling quilts of any age or vintage. We know how important it is to take as good care of today’s quilts as well as yesterday’s art and history. Please take time to explore our site, you’ll find lots of information and advice and we’ll always be adding more. Want to see a particular topic addressed or have a question? Contact us!



Serious Quilt Care is not responsible for any damage to textiles or quilts. We are offering professional advice and suggestions, but every quilt is different and the owner must evaluate the fabrics, condition, etc…as well as test any products on a small area. If you are unsure, find a professional (NOT a dry cleaner) to evaluate your quilt and offer personalized advice. It’s always better not to take any action at all, than to possibly cause damage to a quilt or textile.


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